Our Advantage - We make doing business with us EASY!


No screen or set up charges

At most shops, this can drastically change the final price that your pay for your order.  Here at TEE-Riffik, we eliminate the pricing hassles that some of the other guys have and make it really easy for you to afford and purchase your decorated apparel items. Simply put, we make it easy and will save you money.

Friendly Service

You would think that in today's competitive business climate that this would be the standard for doing business.  However, many times that is not the case.  At TEE-Riffik, we not only deliver friendly service, but we do it in a way that once you become a customer you become our friend. Give us a try and experience what we are talking about.

High Quality Decorating

Just because you can print a shirt or embroider a cap doesn't mean you can do it well.  It takes attention to detail, top quality people, and processes to do things great.  We try to always go above and beyond to give our customers the best job possible.  When our customer(s) open their order, the first thing they say is WOW! This lets us know that we have done our job.

Low Price Commitment

In today's marketplace, low price has become the buzz.  But what is low price?  Is it the best unit price only to find that when you checkout online that fees have been added and now the price is higher than the next guy?  Is it an inferior brand that has an attractive price but will fall apart after a few washes?  Is it a great price, but a failure to deliver on time? Here at TEE-Riffik, we strive to offer our customers the highest quality across the board while paying close attention to the final, delivered cost.  While most of the time we are the lowest price delivered, we will always promise to be competitive and fight to keep the price low on every dollar you spend with us.

After Hours Availability

Ever call a business at 5:05 pm only to find that they closed at 5:00pm?  What if you have a question regarding your order?  Can it wait until the next business day, or worse, Monday morning if it is a Friday?  While we do have regular office hours here at TEE-Riffk, we realize that people may need answers sooner than the next business day.  That is why we try to answer emails after hours and our mobile phone numbers are available as well.  While we can't promise we will always respond after hours, we can promise that if we are near a computer or a cell phone, we will do our best to answer your call or email.

"18 years ago, we made a decision to make it easy for everyone to do business with us.  Since then, folks just like you have become loyal customers.  All it takes is one call to see how easy it is and why we are the best to do business with."
John Sproull - Owner