Embroidery is as much of an art form as it is a science.  If you do not pay attention to that, you will produce a sub par garment every time.  From the digitizing to hooping to the picking of the colors and actual sewing of the garment, we try to pay attention to all the details.  Why? It is more than just a shirt.  It is a statement that our customers will wear and advertise their business or organization.  We take that very serious.  So, that is why you will get a great garment with unbelievalble decoration each time you order with us.

At TEE-Riffik, we run multi head machines, so we can turnaround embroidery jobs fast even when stitch counts are higher.  While most design have less than 5 colors, we still have the ability to run up to 15 colors per design fast.  With multi-head machines, no job is too big. Small jobs are welcomed as well.

Before you begin to embroider a design, it must be converted (digitized) to a file format that a commercial embroidery machine can use.  Digitizing is a very critical step because the machine will only sew what you tell it to.  Bad digitizing equals a bad design.  Here at TEE-Riffik, we work with only top notch digitizers.  This enables us to produce the best possible job for all of our embroidery customers.